SmartNeckMassager – Upgraded 4 Pivot Neck Massager with Heat Wrap for Ultimate Relief

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SmartNeckMassager utilizes low frequency pulses to transmit signals deep under the skin. This differs from traditional massaging products that uses physical kneading or vibrating motions and provides better massaging results and pain relief. Our upgraded version provides 4 massage zones with 360° motion that ensures full contact with the skin, and covers common pain areas in the vertebrae for better results.

The smart EMS technology simulates a deep Shiatsu massage that leaves you comfortable and relaxed. With the lightweight, stylish and wireless design, bring it out with you and use it in any occasion you want – when you watch a movie, in the car or even on a walk! It’s like having a personal masseuse anytime and anywhere you like.


  • Simulates Human Massage: 3 Massage Modes + 15 Levels
  • Hot Compress: Constant temperature at 42 ° C for a relaxing massage.
  • 4 Zone Massage: Upgraded from first generation massagers with 2 massage zones. Accurately covers the 4th and 7th vertebrae where common pain occurs. Comprehensive neck and shoulder massage.
  • Wireless with Removable Remote Control: Portable and convenient to use.
  • Large Battery Capacity: 1 charge can last for 2 hours of use with fast USB charge.
  • Quick Operation: 1 Button Power On. Automatically powers off after 15 minutes.


  • Accelerated muscle recovery
  • Relieves muscle pain and soreness
  • Alleviates arthritic pain, and neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Better sleep quality and helps with insomnia
  • Increases joint and muscle flexibility


  • Please remove necklaces or scarves from the neck before using the massager.
  • For better results, moisturize the skin on your neck before using the massager. Avoid using the massager on very dry skin.
  • Avoid using the massager on high intensity for extended periods. We recommend using the massager 2 times per day for 15 minutes every time, and no more than 30 minutes each time.
  • Warning: Do not use this product in patients with malignant tumors, patients with bleeding tendency, pregnant women, patients with acute purulent inflammation, users of cardiac pacemakers, patients with metallic implants, children under 16 years old or use near the heart.


  • How do I get the most comfort out of the massager?
    We recommend moisturizing your skin, and adjusting the massager so that the massage heads are in full contact with the skin. Start with a lower intensity and gradually increase the strength to adapt. Discomfort from the massager is often caused by using the massager on dry skin, or when the massage head is not fully touching the skin.
  • The pulses feel weak even on high intensity.
    Ensure that the massage head is in full contact with your skin, and that the electrode plates are free from dirt or grease. Adjust the settings to find a suitable mode and clean the electrode plates if needed.


  • Weight: 60g / 0.13lbs
  • Size: 14.5*14.5*6cm / 5.7*5.7*2.4inch
  • Input Standard: DC/5V
  • Battery: Lithium Battery 1000mAH
  • Materials: PC, Silicone, Metal Plated

Package Includes:

  • 1* SmartNeckMassager with 4 Massage Zones
  • 2* Massage Pads
  • 1* Removable Remote Controller
  • 1* USB Charging Cable
  • 1* Manual

ComfortMassage – Upgraded 4 Pivot Neck Massager with Heat Wrap for Ultimate ReliefComfortMassage – Upgraded 4 Pivot Neck Massager with Heat Wrap for Ultimate ReliefComfortMassage – Upgraded 4 Pivot Neck Massager with Heat Wrap for Ultimate Relief 2nd Generation Neck and Shoulder Massager with 4 Individual Pivots2nd Generation Neck and Shoulder Massager with 4 Individual Pivots Smart EMS Pulse TechnologyComfortMassage - Auto Power Off ComfortMassage - 4 Pivot Massage, Neck and Shoulder CoverageComfortMassage - Large Battery Capacity ComfortMassage - Massage Pads Included ComfortMassage - Massage Pads IncludedComfortMassage - Magnetically Detachable Remote Controller ComfortMassage - Smart Fit for Everyone, One Size Fits All ComfortMassage - Power On with 1 ButtonComfortMassage - Highly Adjustable, Control Your Comfort Level ComfortMassage - Charge Once Lasts for 8 Days ComfortMassage - Quality Comes from Attention to DetailComfortMassage - Quality Comes from Attention to Detail Smart Neck Massager -Product Information

Brand Name



PC, Silicone, Metal Sheet


Neck and Shoulder + Massage Pads


14.5*14.5*6cm / 5.7*5.7*2.4inch


60g / 0.13lbs


Lithium Battery 1000mAH

Package Includes

1* ComfortMassage with 4 Massage Zones
2* Massage Pads
1* Removable Remote Controller
1* USB Charging Cable
1* Manual

Customer Reviews

  • B***K

    This small neck massage is very nice looking. It feels a bit tingly and itchy at first, but you’ll get used to and it’s quite relaxing after. One thing to remember is that you can only use it for half an hour every day. If you use it for too long, you will feel the sharp needle pulsating on your neck. I did not read the instructions at first, but there is a recommended time limit. It’s not a big deal though. I still like to use it and it’s very easy to carry around, and inconspicuous to use in public. I’m happy with the purchase.

  • E***e

    The massager really helped my neck stiff and pain. I used it for a week before I came back to write a review. I had to set the level higher to be able to feel the pulses but I really like the heating function. It speeds up blood flow and helps a lot with my neck stiffing problem. I usually use it for 10 minutes and then take a break to stretch out my neck and shoulder. After using the massager it really feels better rotating my head.

  • E***v

    This neck massager is great! It heats up nicely but doesn’t get too hot. There are three modes available, I like to leave it on vibration for a more gentle massage. It’s light and comfortable on the neck, but may be a bit tight if you are a man with a thicker neck. It can relieve neck pain. I like to use it after the shower for better results.

  • o***o

    This thing is good and can help out now with how isolated life is during this time! Charging lasts for one session, but it charges quickly. You can adjust the vibration and heat level, and it warms up quite well. The instructions were not very clear on the usage, and I had to poke around to figure things out myself. But in general it’s very simple to use! I liked it and I recommend it!

  • K***o

    It’s good, I like it more than my husband does.

  • A***n


  • Anonymous

    The package arrived in excellent condition, but took a few weeks to arrive. I haven’t tried it yet.

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